Outlook (Windows) and Outlook on the Web now support integration with Google Drive. Just follow the instructions below for the respective version of Outlook. For Outlook users on macOS, you can still attach files directly from Google Drive, but there is no integration for linking documents and files.


To enable Google Drive integration with Outlook on Windows, ensure that you have installed Google Drive. This application is installed by default on university-owned computers. If it's not installed, follow these instructions.

After installation, when you're composing a message in Outlook, you'll see a button labeled "Inset files using Drive." For an example, see the screenshot below.

Outlook on the Web

To enable Google Drive integration for Outlook on the Web, begin by clicking the gear in the upper right and then selecting the link "View all Outlook Settings."

Next, select Mail on the left side of the window that opens, then Attachments, and, finally, click the Google Drive icon  as shown below.

Another window will open, asking to provide Outlook access to your Google Drive account. Select your EWU account and then click Allow.


The process is complete. Now, when you're composing a message in Outlook, when you click the attachment button (the paperclip), you'll see an option to Browse cloud locations. Select that option to attach files from your Google Drive.