Instructions for using the Voicemail Inbox Web Interface

1.) Follow the voicemail link on InsideEWU or go to

2.) Log in with your regular EWU Username and SSO password.

3.) Once you are logged in you will see your voicemail inbox. You can view your inbox (current stored messages), and deleted messages. You can also play messages by clicking the play button on the right side of the selected message.

4.) You can choose between listening to them on your computer by pressing the "Computer" button on the bottom right of your screen then clicking play. Or you can have the Web Inbox call your desk phone to play the message. To do that, simply click the "Phone" button on the bottom right and put in your four digit extension, then click play.

5.) If you wanted to change your pin and view your voicemail inbox settings. You can do that by clicking "Settings" next to "Messages" near the top of the window. This will open up a new tab.

6.) From there you can click the drop down menu "Passwords" and click "Change PIN". There you can change your voicemail pin if you happen to forget it.

If you will like to save a voicemail please view this support article.

NOTE: Some Unity features are not available. You may receive an error message when trying to access them. Those errors are just cosmetic and can be ignored. This portal will not work for shared extensions/spaces or for users who do not have a voicemail inbox.