• The Argos Web Viewer allows users to run reports through their web browser.  The data can be viewed on the screen or printed if a hard copy is required.  
  • The Argos Client must be used if you are creating or editing a report, Datablock or dashboard. 
    • If you are needing to create reports in Argos, you need to go through training.  There is a Canvas course setup with training materials here: Argos Report Writer Training 
    • You will also need Data Custodian approval to access the data you need for your report. You can request permission in FreshService, our Help Desk system. Support-Help Desk  Click on the "Submit a Request" icon. In the left menu, select "Reporting".  Select the option that best describes the type of data you need to include in your report.  Complete the online form.  Your supervisor and the appropriate Data Custodian will need to approve your request.  You will be notified about the status of your request.
    • For information on installing the Argos client, please follow this url:  https://support.ewu.edu/support/solutions/articles/10000038493-how-to-setup-argos-on-my-computer-
  • For questions about Argos Reports, Dashboards or Datablocks, please contact Institutional Research

Reviewed: 8/9/2022

by: lhommel