The attached minitab.lic license file is good through July 31, 2021.

Minitab 19 is currently installed on Virtual Labs, PUB 3rd floor kiosk laptops (30 of them, check it out), Equipment Checkout Service laptops, and hundreds of physical Windows lab computers located around the Cheney and Spokane campuses.  You may not need to install Minitab on your personal computer, but if so please read on...

Minitab 19 has both Windows and Mac versions. The Mac version requires Mac OS Mojave 10.14 or newer.

Minitab 19 is licensed for both on-campus EWU-owned computers, and currently enrolled students/faculty/staff personal computers. 

Installation Details:

  • If you cannot get licensing to work by following these instructions, simply choose the 30 day trial as a temporary solution, and you will be off and running for 30 days.

    Windows New Install

Windows License File Update ONLY

  • Copy minitab.lic file to the following directory:  C:\ProgramData\Minitab\Minitab 19.  If prompted, replace the existing minitab.lic file
  • The easiest way to access this directory is typing C:\ProgramData\Minitab\Minitab 19 in the address bar, as shown below...


  • The Mac installer name is: Minitab.v19.2020.1.0.Commercial.pkg and can be downloaded at:
  • Once the files have been downloaded, move both the installer package and the license file to your Desktop.  Failing to move the files may result in the Install failing and locking up the Finder.
  • Launch the installer and choose all default options.  When prompted for a license file, choose the FILE licensing option, browse to and select minitab.lic 
  • Do NOT double-click Minitab.lic file.  Doing so will change the filename expected by the Minitab installer.  If you did so by accident, remove the .txt extension, which was automatically applied, in both the Finder AND in the GET INFO dialog box.

If you accidentally double-clicked Minitab.lic file, and cannot use the file for licensing Minitab because it is grey'd out, rename the file back to its original name of Minitab.lic.  This needs to be done in both the Finder and GET INFO (Command Key + I) in the "Name and Extension" field.  Refer to screenshot below:

  • On a related note:  If you are running Minitab on a JFK Library Equipment Checkout Laptop or PUB Kiosk Laptop off-campus, you must connect to VPN before launching Minitab.  VPN is required to access EWU's on-campus license server for these specific laptops.  Minitab will successfully license when these laptops are connected to EWUSecure wireless network.

Please contact the EWU HelpDesk at, 359-2247, or in person at Sutton Hall HelpDesk if you need help installing Minitab on your personal computer.