To place an outbound call, follow the dialing rules below. A printable version of these rules is also attached to this article. These directions reflect the changes effective April 30th, 2021.

Calling EWU Number

Dial extension


Calling Local Number

Dial 8, area code and number

8-509-(10 more digits)


Calling Toll Free

Dial 8, toll free prefix and number

8-(10 more digits)



Calling Long Distance

Dial 8, area code and number

8-(10 more digits)


Calling International

Dial 8011, then full number

8011-(Country Code)-(10 more digits)


Note: If the phone number begins with a (0), drop the (0) before dialing the number.

Note: International calling must be enabled on your IP phone. If it is not, please contact the IT Help Desk.