Q. I have an old phone with one line and no speakerphone. Can I get it replaced with a device that has an extra line and speakerphone?
A. Yes. If you currently have a Cisco 7911 we can provide a new 7821 for a $75 upgrade fee. If you want to upgrade to an 8841 a $150 upgrade fee will be applied. Any device upgrade to a 8841/8811 there is a one time $150 upgrade fee. For supported telephone equipment see this article.

Q. Do the phone plans include voicemail?
A. Yes, all plans include voicemail and long distance. International calling is a optional feature and charges by the minute. See this link for EWU phone plans.

Q. How can I call someone and leave a voicemail without ringing their phone? Basically call their voicemail box directly.
A. You can leave a direct voicemail for a user by pressing the star key twice on your keypad, then type in their extension (Ex. **1234). This should route you straight to their voicemail box.

Q. How do I dial out?

A. In general, press '8' followed by the area code then the number. For advanced instructions, including long distance, see this article.