Selecting a Printer

  • “wepa BW” is the default printer for black and white printing. If you need two-sided or color printing, select the corresponding printer.
  • The “wepa Large Format” printing prints on larger sheets of paper: 11x17 and 12x18. If you need more help printing on these larger sized, please visit the MMC in the JFK library.

Login with your SSO

  • If prompted, login to the Wepa App with your EWU Single Sign On ID. Most lab computers automatically login to Wepa for you. If you are not prompted to login to Wepa, your print job should be ready for printing at a Wepa printer.

Retrieving your Print

  • Visit any Wepa kiosk location and swipe your Eagle Card to access and release your print job.

Forgot your Eagle Card?

  • No problem! You can still login at the Wepa printer with your school credentials and pay using your Wepa Account, Credit card, or other payment options provided. Visit for more information.

A formatted PDF version of this Solution, which is a good option for hardcopy printouts/handouts, is attached.