Pay with EagleCard

  • Paying with your EagleCard is the most frequently used option by students.  Select this option to pay using your EagleCard or a Guest Copy Card. Print Credit will be used first, and then EagleFlex will be used.

Wepa Account

  • Paying with your Wepa Account will use funds from your Wepa Print Account. You can add funds to your Wepa Account directly at any Wepa Printer or online at Note: Wepa Account funds are completely separate from EWU Print Credit or Eagle Flex funds.

Credit Card / PayPal / Other Options

  • If you forget your Eagle Card, you can pay for printing at any Wepa printer with a Credit/Debit card, Paypal, or other payment option provided. Deposit a minimum of $5.00 in a Wepa Account to avoid additional service charges.

A formatted PDF version of this Solution, which is a good option for hardcopy printouts/handouts, is attached.