Q. How do I access SiteImprove?

A. To get started with SiteImprove, click the SiteImprove link in the InsideEWU A-Z Services list.

Q. What is SiteImprove used for?

A. SiteImprove provides fully automated website checks, performance metrics, and industry benchmarks that let you understand the state of your website at a glance. SiteImprove flags errors and inconsistencies across all your pages and provides practical recommendations so you can prioritize and fix the most important issues right away.

Q. What SiteImprove features are available to me?

A. EWU subscribes to the following SiteImprove features:

  • Automated Accessibility Checks
  • Tracks progress towards Accessibility compliance
  • Provides guidance and recommendations
  • PDF Accessibility Scanning
Quality Assurance
  • Broken Links
  • Spell Checker
  • Readability Scores
  • Content Inventory
  • Customizable Checks (ex. Identify non-standard fonts, Find references to old applications, Tag use of cougar red instead of EWU red #A10022)
  • Ready-to-use policy templates in the Policy Library

Q. Can I use the SiteImprove SEO capabilities to promote my website?

A. EWU Marketing & Communications has the ability utilize the SiteImprove SEO features to help grow your web traffic and improve your search engine ranking. You can request more information on their Web Support Page.