If you are interested in having digital signage in your area, you can become a sign owner and content manager. As a content manager, you choose the look and feel of your signage and control the content that is displayed.

Equipment Requirements

The following equipment is required to get started with EWU Digital Signage:

  • A television or monitor
  • A supported digital media player (DMP).
    • EWU standard for DMP is a Lenovo M70q Tiny Windows PC, 8gb RAM, 256gb SSD hard drive, onboard graphics, built-in Wifi.
  • Network Connectivity (Wireless and Wired connection supported)
  • A power source


Procurement and Installation

All costs associated with digital signage setup are the responsibility of the requestor, this includes display equipment and installation costs. If any installation work is required, IT will provide the requestor a quote from Facilities and Planning. Installation work includes any new power outlets or network ports.

Content Management System

IT covers the costs of the digital content management system.


If you have any questions or would like an installation estimate, please create an IT Help Desk ticket at https://support.ewu.edu or by email.

Requesting Digital Signage

Create an IT Help Desk ticket at https://support.ewu.edu or by email to begin the process of procuring and installing digital signage. IT will work with you to assess the equipment and infrastructure costs for your preferred sign locations and coordinate equipment procurement and installation.

Managing Content

After your digital signage is installed, an IT staff member will get you started in AppSpace, the EWU digital signage content management application. We will work with you to establish the look and feel of your signs. As the digital signage owner, you are responsible for adding content to your signs, however, EWU does offer a general content channel.