Since our upgrade to Banner 9, if you just use Banner self-service (aka Eaglenet) or Banner Admin Pages, you no longer need to know your Oracle password!

If you connect directly to a database like ODS, REPT, or Banner PROD/PPRD with a tool like Oracle SQL Developer, SQL*Plus, or Tableau, you will need to manage your Oracle password. Like your NetID password, your Oracle password expires on a regular basis.

As long as you know your existing Oracle password, you can change it from within Banner 9's Admin Pages. If you don't know your existing Oracle password, you will need to contact your assigned IT Pro or the IT Help Desk. As a reminder, we do not provide passwords over email for security reasons.

To get started, search for "Oracle Password Change" or GUAPSWD in the Banner 9 Application Navigator.

Enter your existing password in the field labeled "Oracle Password" and enter a new password in the "New Oracle Password" and "Verify Password" fields. Click "Save" to complete the process. Note, do not enter anything in the "Database" field.

Your new password must start with a letter, include a special character, at least one number, and must differ by at least 3 characters from your old password. Do not use characters like $ and @, as they are not allowed by Oracle since they have special meaning.

If your password change is successful, the form will automatically close and you'll return to the main Application Navigator window. If it's not successful, you will receive a warning in the upper right. Follow the instructions provided in the warning to fix the issue and complete your password change (for example, your new password may not meet complexity requirements or your existing password may have been entered incorrectly).