The user color preferences in Banner 8 and 9's GUAUPRF(General User Preferences Maintenance) do not affect Banner 9's Application Navigation pages( This feature was frequently used to distinguish between Banner's PROD, PPRD, DEVL, etc. systems. We have adapted each instance to have custom colors as a system level but to control the colors yourself the Chrome and Firefox addon, Stylish can help replace this functionality.

To install the addon, follow the instructions at for your respective browser.

After installing the addon, create a new style using these steps:

  • Click on the Stylish addon icon and select menu item, "Create New Style"

  • Paste the following code snippet in the Sections panel:

.sidebar-nav-wrapper {

     background-color: #a10022;


  • Name the Style in the Edit panel with name that is easily identifiable, ie PPRD
  • Click save and visit the URL specified to test

  • The Stylish addon's icon should change to the following: