As you use Page Builder and read our documentation, you may come across terms you are unfamiliar with. This list covers terms commonly used in our knowledge base and the Page Builder plugin's knowledge base.

Accessibility - The practice of making the Web inclusive by removing barriers that inhibit people from accessing and interacting with websites.

Column - A block of content within a row. Columns in Page Builder can be empty or contain one or more modules. Columns can also be placed in other columns.

Child Column - A column nested inside another column.

Parent Column - A column that contains another column.

Content Area - The area of the page between the header and the footer.

CSS - Short for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a language that determines how elements are styled on a webpage.

Note: CSS is useful for customizing your page, but you do not need it to use Page Builder. If you do not know CSS, it is recommended you avoid using it.

CSS Selectors - The part of the CSS rule that selects the content you want to style. Page Builder allows you to add the following types of selectors to a module in the Advanced tab of module settings:

Class - An attribute given to one or more HTML elements. The class name can then be used as a selector in CSS to define styles. To select elements with a class, write a period, followed by the class name. For example, .classname.

ID - An attribute given to a single HTML element. A single ID cannot be used on more than one element. The ID can then be used as a selector in CSS to define styles. To select an element with an ID, write a pound sign (hashtag), followed by the ID name. For example, #idname.

Margins - The empty space outside the border of an element.

Modules - A functional unit that can be dragged from the Page Builder sidebar into the content area of your page. Modules include text, headings, photos, buttons, and more.

Nest - To place within. Typically used to describe columns that are placed in other columns.

Padding - The empty space within the border of an element.

Responsive Design - An approach to web design where the appearance of a website changes based on screen size and orientation.

Row - A block of content that spans the whole width of the content area of the page. Rows can be empty, or they can contain columns and modules.

Stack - Typically used to describe columns that are placed on top of one another. Multiple columns can be stacked within a single row.

Templates - A pre-built layout of rows, columns, and modules that can be modified with custom content. After a template is added to the content area in Page Builder, you can move, edit, add or remove modules, columns, and rows as needed.

WYSIWYG - Short for what you see is what you get. Page Builder is a WYSIWYG editor because the way you arrange your page in Page Builder is how it will look when it is published.