Prerequisite Topics


Page Builder allows you to customize your pages a great deal, but it is important that all EWU sites are cohesive parts of a whole. Consistency with EWU's brand strengthens the design of your site and establishes it as part of EWU's identity.

As the Digital Initiative is still in progress, a style guide with the new styles is not yet available. Until it is, here are a few ways you can follow EWU's branding guidelines while editing module settings.


Page Builder does some of the work for you by pulling the default styles from your theme. When you add a module, your paragraphs, headers, and links will automatically be the correct colors.

However, some modules or styles do not automatically pull colors from the theme. One example is the background color of a row. In these cases, when choosing a color, press on the button below the color wheel called “Color Presets.” Here you will find EWU’s color palette. Although you have the ability to choose more with the color wheel, it is best to stick to these preset colors.

Page builder color pickerPage builder color presets


As with color, Page Builder modules will pull fonts and font styles from the theme, and no action is required to meet EWU’s design standards.

The Text Editor module does not have many options for customization. You can choose a paragraph or heading style, change font size, and change color. This module does not have EWU’s color presets included, and font size should be determined by paragraph or heading styles. Therefore, it is usually best not to do any customizing beyond setting text as a paragraph or a heading. This goes for other modules that include a Text Editor. Let the theme take care of the styling for you.

The Heading module has more options for customization under the Style tab. Use the color picker presets to stick with EWU’s color scheme. You have the ability to use Google Fonts, but this will create inconsistency between your site and other EWU sites. EWU’s default and system fonts are located at the top of the drop-down, and it is best to use these.

Default and system fonts in the Heading module


If you lack photography for your site, EWU’s Flickr account is a good resource. You are free to use any of those photos, provided it is for an EWU site.