Approval Workflow

  1. Get Gravity Flow turned on for your website Request Gravity Flow plugin
  2. Open the form you would like to add the approval step too
  3. Click Settings in the top bar for the form
  4. In the left vertical tabs bar select Workflow
    • This page will allow you to reorder and turn on/off workflow steps
  5. To add a new step click Add New
  6. Give this step a proper name
  7. Select Step type as Approval and wait a few seconds for more options to appear
    • An Approval section will appear
  8. Select the individuals that will be approving in Assign To:
    • Note: This can include email addresses from an entry in the form
  9. Approval Policy
    1. At least one assignee must approve: As soon as one approver approves the entry it will advance to the next workflow step
    2. All assignees must approve: All Assignees must approve in order for the entry to move to the next steps
      • Important Note: If one approver rejects the entry this will prevent the other approvers from being able to respond to the email
  10. Fill out your email message to approvers
  11. Finish up final settings to workflow step
  12. Click Save/Update Step Settings
  13. Test your form workflow