The WordPress Editor is the primary editor that is provided by WordPress out of the box. It provides a basic but effective means of entering content into your pages in preparation for publishing or updating an already published page.

There are two primary ways to add/edit content in the Wordpress Editor:

With the "Visual" Editor

  1. Wordpress Visual Toolbar

The Visual Editor provides a "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get) experience. It does not require any coding experience and behaves very similar to a word processor toolbar. For a more detailed explanation of the features of the Visual Editor, please see the Wordpress Codex on Using the Visual Editor.

With the "Text" Editor

Wordpress Text Toolbar

As you can see, the Text Editor provides fewer features but gives much more freedom to customize the content of your page (or post). It does require coding experience, however. The features provided by the Text Editor are quick links to commonly used "
Shortcodes". There are many more shortcodes available. The Wordpress Shortcode Support page is a great resource. Another handy way to learn more about shortcodes is to create content in the Visual Editor side, and then click over to the Text Editor side which will show you exactly how the content you laid out was implemented in shortcode.

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