The WordPress admin dashboard, often called WP Admin or WP admin panel, is essentially the control panel for your entire WordPress website on It’s where you create and manage content, add form functionality and can create an attractive online presence.

Access the Dashboard

The best way to get to the Dashboard is to log in to InsideEWU, open the A-Z Services menu, and click on the 'Websites (Inside EWU)' link.

This will open the WordPress admin dashboard which lists all the sites for which you have access. Click on the site you want to edit or review and you will go to that site's dashboard.

When you click Log In on InsideEWU, you will be asked to login using EWU's Single-Sign-On system for authentication.  You should see something like the screen capture below.

Single-Sign-On to WordPress

When you first enter the WordPress admin dashboard for your chosen site, you’ll see the default screen with widgets such as site health status, Quick Draft, At a Glance, and WordPress Events and News. This screen gives you a quick overview of all the details for your WordPress website but you’ll spend most of your time in other areas of the WordPress admin dashboard.

To access those areas, you can use the various menu options in the sidebar. While WordPress includes a number of options by default, you might see something slightly different depending on the functionality that has been activated for your specific website.  Hovering over your site’s name reveals a link to visit the public view of your site and when you're logged in, the toolbar remains across the top of your site while you browse enabling you to quickly customize your site or create new content at any time.

The WordPress Dashboard

On the right-hand side of the toolbar, you’ll find links to edit your profile or log out. It’s a good idea to visit your profile right away and configure your personal preferences. These options allow you to customize WordPress to work best for you.

Edit Your WordPress Dashboard Profile

Can You Change How The WordPress Admin Panels Looks And Functions?

Yes. There are a number of methods that you can employ to change how the WordPress admin panel looks and functions. We’ll go through a couple of the most common:

Hiding Admin Panel Elements That You Don’t Use

If there are some elements that you don’t use, WordPress lets you hide them to simplify your workflow. To do it, click on the Screen Options button in the top-right corner of any WordPress admin page and deselect those items you no longer want to view on the dashboard homepage.

Changing Color Schemes For The WordPress Admin Panel

On a more aesthetic front, you can change the actual color scheme for your WordPress admin panel by going to Users → Your Profile and selecting a new Admin Color Scheme:

What Is The WordPress Toolbar?

The WordPress Toolbar, formerly known as the Admin Bar, is a small bar at the top of your screen that’s present both when viewing the live version of your website and when browsing the WordPress admin panel (assuming you’re logged in to WordPress).  You can use the various menu options on the Toolbar to quickly perform actions, no matter where you are on your site.  Regular visitors to your site will not see the Toolbar. But if you’re logged into WordPress, you’ll see a floating bar like this on every page on your site :

Can You Turn Off The WordPress Toolbar?

Yes. If desired, you can turn off the WordPress Toolbar by going to Users → Your Profile and unchecking the box for Show Toolbar when viewing site: