This error generally means your Banner and SSO passwords need to be re-synced.

1. To login to Banner using Eastern Single Sign On (SSO), start by opening your web browser and going to . On that page, click the link titled Eastern SSO for Banner INB. See the screen-shot below.

2. If you have not logged into a Single Sign On aware service recently, you will see the Eastern SSO login page that is shared by all applications using Eastern SSO. Here is an example of what that login page looks like. Enter your credentials and click “Login”

3. If you have updated your Banner password recently or have never logged into Banner INB using SSO, you will see a page prompting for your “Oracle Password.” That password is simply your normal Banner INB password. This step will link your Banner INB password to Eastern SSO. See below for an example of what that page looks like. Enter your current Banner INB password and click Save.

4. Congratulations! You should be logged in to Banner INB now. From this point on, logging in through SSO should just require Steps 1 and 2 until the next time you are required to change your Banner INB password. If you regularly use other SSO services at EWU, you will often only need to click the first link in Step 1.