Ensure your laptop is selected from the touch screen or push button controller, and adapter/cable connections are secure (HDMI or VGA).

  • Press Windows Start Menu key + P (for Projector settings).  Or press FN + proper Function Key to change the video output.  The F7 or F8 key are most common (refer to pics further below for visuals).
    • Note: The proper function key is one of the F_ keys located above the number set; it is different depending on make and model of the laptop.

  • After changing the video output, wait a few seconds for video signal to sync.

  • The four video displayed outputs are:
    • PC screen only
    • Duplicate (this is the option you want to choose in most cases)!
    • Extend
    • Second screen only

If video quality is poor on the projector, change your video settings to alternate resolutions, until you find the one that works best for you.