To display your laptop on a projector screen, ensure that laptop or guest PC is selected on the controller and that all cable connections are secure (i.e. VGA or HDMI cable). If the proper setting is selected on the controller and cable connections are secure, follow the below steps to toggle between video outputs:

  • Press FN + Proper Function Key to change the video output.
    • Note: The proper function key is one of the F_ keys located above the number set; it is different depending on make and model of the laptop.
  • After changing the video output, wait a few seconds. The screen should go black and an image should appear on projector screen.
  • If needed, repeat the process until you have toggled through the three video outputs.
    • Note: In order to achieve proper toggle position, you may need to toggle more than once through the three video display outputs.
  • The three video displayed outputs are:
    • display on laptop only
    • display on projector screen only
    • display on both laptop and projector screen