Playing DVD's in Enhanced Classrooms

To play a DVD on the projector screen ensure DVD or DVD/VHS is selected on the controller, the DVD player is on, and disc is inserted properly (i.e. label side up).

Review the following questions to confirm that the DVD will play:

  • Is the DVD player on?
    • The DVD player will turn on automatically when DVD is inserted.
  • Is the DVD inserted properly?
    • The DVD should be placed label side up in order to correctly play.
  • Is the correct input selected?
    • Make sure to switch the DVD/VCR to DVD mode. To select DVD, press DVD/VCR or DVD button.
  • Is there an alternative to playing DVDs?
    • Another solution is to use the DVD player on the podium computer.

If none of the above answers solve the problem contact the Help Desk at (509) 359-2247.