Print PDF, Microsoft Office, Images, and other files from your personal laptop to a number of printer locations via the Responsible Print service web site... no print driver required. Access the site at: Follow the steps provided on the screen to submit your print job. Refer to the attached file for more details. Note: The web-based printing option supports Black/White printers and 1-Sided printing only.

For access to COLOR printers and full Black/White printers' functionality (2-Sided printing, etc) add printers directly to your Windows and/or Macintosh laptop, which includes the MMC/PUB lab color laser printers.

You can also access a number of printers and specialized software from Virtual Labs. For more details goto

For Macs, follow the steps below (also refer to the attached handout for more details and screenshots):

  • Add new printer
  • Choose LPD and enter IT-STUPRINT02 for server name
  • For the JFK Library, enter bw_jfklibrary_ps for Queue and Name.
  • For the PUB lab enter bw_pub_pcl6 for Queue and Name.
  • For Printer, choose the appropriate name and driver from the list below. Choose Duplex option if available.
  • Adding a printer in this way does work from both wired and wireless (WiEWUs) connections.

Mac Print Queues, Names, and related drivers, include:

  • bw_jfklibrary_ps (driver = Konica Minolta 454e PS, Download from Konica Minolta).
  • bw_pub_pcl6 (driver = HP LaserJet 9050dn).
  • bw_rpt_pcl6 (driver = HP LaserJet 4350 PCL6). Works for rooms 207, 209, and 101g
  • color_mmc_pub_ps (driver = Konica Minolta C284e, Download from Konica Minolta).
  • color_rpt207_pcl6 (driver = HP Color LaserJet 4005).
  • other locations are available... use the same name as the Windows pop-up package names.

If you have any questions or need more help, contact the HelpDesk at (509) 359-2247.