Print Credit vs. Eagle Flex vs. Wepa Accounts

The print credit and EagleFlex are two different forms of money that are tied to your EagleCard:

Print credit:

Each student who pays the TechFee is provided a $9.00 print credit ($13.50 for Semester Students), which can only be used for printing.  The print credit is accessed by swiping your EagleCard at Wepa Print locations.  The print credit does not carry over from quarter to quarter.


Each student who has an EagleFlex account can use it like a debit card. The prepaid funds are tied to your EagleCard and can be spent at a number of locations both on and off campus. To learn more about EagleFlex, or for a list of places EagleFlex is accepted, review the EagleFlex web site at:

If you have questions about your print credit, EagleFlex, or other services associated with your EagleCard contact the EagleCard Office at (509)359-6184.

Wepa Account:

Each student is automatically assigned a Wepa Account, and is another payment option for printing at any Wepa printer, once you add money to it. It is up to you whether or not you choose to utilize it. Your Wepa account is in addition to your Print Credit and Eagle Flex funds, and is managed at (login with your SSO). 

When swiping your EagleCard at a Wepa station, you will see two accounts displayed:

  • EagleCard Account, which is a single balance of both your Print Credit and Eagle Flex accounts. Print Credit is ALWAYS used first for printing, then Eagle Flex funds.
  • Wepa Account.