Computer Clean Up

Below are some steps you can take to protect your computer, fix current problems, and prevent future virus-related and spyware attacks:



  • Download, install, and run anti-malware tools (such as free Malwarebytes Anti-malware) to remove various types of malware that may be on your machine. A Google search for anti-malware tools will help you quickly find the download pages. These programs are free. To see a comparison chart visit: Once you install the software, be sure to update with it the latest virus definitions.

Spam Email

  • Do NOT open email attachments unless you are sure where they came from and what is contained in the attachment. Do NOT open attachments with .EXE, .SCR, and .BAT extensions.
  • Microsoft's statement: As a rule, always treat e-mail attachments with caution. Because mass-mailer viruses such as Bagle hijack e-mail accounts and send messages to known contacts, viruses can initially appear to be legitimate messages. If you cannot confirm with the sender that a message is valid and that an attachment is safe, delete the message immediately. If you receive a questionable message that purports to be from Microsoft, you should be aware that Microsoft never distributes software through e-mail.

Additional information:

  • is a good resource for understanding and responding to Microsoft Windows related virus and security issues. Here, you can learn about the three steps for securing your system in more detail.