To access your University Voicemail:

  1. Call Cisco Unity Connection

    From your desk phone
    Press Messages button on your phone or dial 4343
    From an outside line
    Dial 509-359-4343

  2. If you are calling from a phone other than your desk phone press * when Cisco Unity Connection answers. This works when you are trying to access a different extension's voicemail box as well.
  3. When prompted, enter your Connection ID (phone extension) and press #. This is where you can enter a different extension that you are trying to access.
  4. Enter your password (PIN) and press #, or the pin of the other extension.

Attachment 1082_VoicemailQR.pdf provides instructions on how to things like setting up your voicemail box, accessing it, setting your voicemail preferences, and changing your voicemail password. It also has several FAQs about voicemail.

For checking voicemail via Cisco Jabber see attachment "Accessing voicemail via Cisco Jabber".

Main Menu and Shortcuts:

 Keys  Action
1 Play new messages
2 Send a message
3 Review old messages
4 Change setup options
41 Change Greetings
412 Turn on/off alternate greeting
421 Change message notification
423 Choose full or brief menus
44 Change transfer settings
5 Find messages
51 Find messages from user
52 Find messages from all outside callers
 53  Find messages from a specific outside caller

Attachment Voicemail Shortcuts.pdf provides shortcuts for the Main Menu, the Voicemail Message Menu, the Recipients Menu and the Send Message Menu.