University voicemail is accessible in multiple ways:

  • You can check your voicemail from your phone. For further instructions, see the article below.
  • A copy of your voicemail is sent to your email inbox. If you need it to go to a different mailbox or if you don't receive them, please let us know.
  • You can also access your and only your voicemail through the web at For advanced instructions, see this article.
  • From Jabber, if you have it installed. For instructions, see this article.

Accessing Voicemail from a Phone:

  • From your desk phone, press the Messages button or dial 4343. From an outside line, call 509-359-4343, then enter your PIN when prompted. 
    IF trying to access another line proceed with the following steps
  • If you are calling from a phone other than your desk phone press * when Cisco Unity Connection answers. This will also allow you to access the voicemail box of a different extension from the one you are calling from.
  • When prompted, enter the "Connection ID"  which is the phone extension, you are trying to access and press #.
  • Enter the PIN for the extension and press #.

Main Menu and Shortcuts:

 Keys  Action
1 Play new messages
2 Send a message
3 Review old messages
4 Change setup options
41 Change Greetings
412 Turn on/off alternate greeting
421 Change message notification
423 Choose full or brief menus
44 Change transfer settings
5 Find messages
51 Find messages from user
52 Find messages from all outside callers
 53  Find messages from a specific outside caller

A print-friendly list of voicemail shortcuts is attached to this article.