**NetStorage is due to be deprecated in the Summer of 2023. Please start your migration to Google Drive or OneDrive immediately to prevent loss of access to data**

Creating Folders

Before creating folders, determine the following

  • What type of data will be stored in the folder
  • Who will need access to the folder (department & individual employees)

Create new folder:

  1. Navigate to the Shared Storage Management tool. This must be done on campus or while connected to the VPN.
  2. Enter your EWU username and password..

  3. The Misc OIT Apps page displays. Click manage folders in the left-hand menu
  4. Click the Shares field drop-down arrow to display a list of departments. Choose the department that will use the new folder (your security permissions determine which the department(s) are displayed)

  5. Enter the new folder name in the Folder Name field and click Create
    • The name should reflect the type of data that will be stored in the folder

  6. To assign employees access to folders, click on the name of the applicable folder (for this example JobDescriptions)
  7. Click Add User

  8. Enter the desired user name in the Group/Username field. Click search to locate the person. Click the Add button next to the individual's name to select them

  9. After names have been added, modify the individual's permissions appropriately. Click Update Permissions after any changes have been made to user's permissions

    If you need any further assistance please view our Service Catalog for other Knowledge Base articles or contact the IT Help Desk via Phone: 509.359.2247 or Email: helpdesk@ewu.edu