**NetStorage is due to be deprecated in the Summer of 2023. Please start your migration to Google Drive or OneDrive immediately to prevent loss of access to data**

Review or Verify Folder Permissions

  1. Navigate to the Shared Storage Management tool. This must be done on campus or while connected to the VPN.
  2. Enter your EWU username and password..

  3. The Misc OIT Apps page displays. Click on Review Folder Perms in the left hand menu.
  4. Choose the Department where the folder is stored.
    Note: only Departments that you have permission to see display in the drop down list

  5. Verify each individual's permissions to Read or Modify the contents of the folder

  6. Click Update Permissions after any changes have been made to user's permissions
    Note: Adding or modifying security permissions requires the affected user to log off of their computer and then log back in.