Game Consoles in the Dorms

Xbox 360:

  1. From the start-up screen, hold right all the way to the last option (System Settings) and press "A".
  2. On the next screen go down to Network Setting and press "A".
  3. In the next interface hit "A" on whichever connection has a check in the upper right hand corner.
  4. Hit "A" on the first option, Configure Network.
  5. Go right to the next tab, and down to Restore to factory defaults and press "A".
  6. A popup window comes up asking are you sure, press "A" on "Yes, restore to factory defaults" Press "B" to go back to the Network Settings screen.
  7. Go down to Test Xbox Live connection and hit "A" to run the test.
  8. If the test fails between "Internet" and "Xbox Live" then something is wrong on the Xbox live end, otherwise the connection should complete.


Wii instructions coming soon...


  1. Once signed into the main menu/screen, go left to the 2nd to last options "Settings" and press "X"
  2. Then go down to the last option "Network Settings" and press "X".
  3. Press "X" on "Internet Connection Settings".
  4. Select, with "X", "Wired" when it asks for connection type.
  5. It will then ask for "Easy" or "Custom", choose custom with "X".
  6. When asking for "Speed and Duplex" select "Auto-Detect".
  7. For IP address settings, set to "Automatic".
  8. Next, set "DHCP" to "Do Not Set". Also set "DNS Setting" to "Automatic. The "MTU" should also obtain the setting of "Automatic".
  9. The "Proxy Server" setting however should be set to "Do Not Use".
  10. And Lastly, the "UPnP" should be set to "Enable".
  11. Confirm the settings on the next screen and proceed to test the connection.
  12. If the connection fails, check the cord, wall jack, or hub/switch to make sure they are functional.

If it still fails, the console settings may need to be reset to factory defaults.

  1. From the main menu/screen, go left to Settings, and down to "System Settings".
  2. Then go down to "Restore Default Settings".
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions until you see a list of information on the system that will be restored to the default settings.
  4. Continue to follow instructions on screen until console restarts and asks for the original startup information.
  5. Once information is set up, attempt to make a connection again. If Connection is still not made, contact Sony for more trouble shooting options.

*Note, the hard drive will not be restored to factory defaults, just the settings, so while the background would go to standard, the pictures and game information will stay on the console. (There is a chance of data loss or corruption if turned off during this step.)