To delete a parameter set

  1. Go to GJRJPRM
  2. Select the appropriate data field in the Parameter Set column. If you can, select RECORD and then REMOVE.
  3. If it gives you an error go to options menu and select “Modify Default Parameters”.
  4. It’ll take you to another screen called GJAPDFT
  5. When you get here, use Next Block twice to go to the “User Default” block and do a CLEAR BLOCK (shift+F5) function. It is not necessary to SAVE in GJAPDFT; simply exit back out to GJRJPRM.Exit GJAPDFT
  6. It should take you back to GJRJPRM and the set you want to delete
  7. To delete do a RECORD REMOVE and save.
  8. You are done. The parameter set is deleted.

NOTE: To remove another parameter set, return to step 2. It appears that you must try to Record Remove for each Parameter Set before Modify Default Parameters. When asked if you want to save changes: GJAPDFT – if you are asked whether or not to save changes, this is an indication that you need to exit out to the main Banner menu and start again at step. 1. GJRJPRM – when exiting this screen, click Yes to save changes if you want the deleted reports to remain deleted. If you keep getting the error message with Record Remove, check to see that the Parameter Set you’re trying to delete is one that you created. Otherwise, try exiting out to the main Banner menu and starting again at step. 1. Sometimes it may even be necessary to exit out of Banner altogether and log back in.