**NetStorage is due to be deprecated in the Summer of 2023. Please start your migration to Google Drive or OneDrive immediately to prevent loss of access to data**

Note: This FAQ applies to to both personal and departmental Netstorage folders.

There is a chance that a lost file can be recover via Netstorage's automatic file backup feature. Netstorage/Shared Storage automatically backs up all files in the Netstorage folder periodically. These backed up files can be accessed via the hidden "~snapshot" folder.

The “~snapshot” folder is located within your Netstorage. This can only be accessed if your Netstorage account is mapped to your PC.

Once your Netstorage account is mapped to your pc, you will need to make sure the folder is set to "Show Hidden Files." To allow your Netstorage folder to show hidden files, refer to the instructions below:

  • Windows: Organize / Folder and Search Options / View tab. In the Hidden Files and Folders area, select the bubble for "Show hidden files and folders".

Once Hidden Files are allowed to show, the “~snapshot” folder will show up in your Netstorage folder.