Attached to this article is a step by step guide on how to enter grades into EagleNET.

Below are common grading questions:

  • Q: On the Final Grades page, when is it necessary to enter information into the Last Attendance Date and Attended Hours fields?
    • A: Last Attendance Date: Provide a date only when a grade of 0.0 is assigned. Attended Hours: No instance currently exists that would require any information to be entered here.
  • Q: How will I update an incomplete grade?
    • A: If a student completes the requirements and as a result the grade needs to be updated, you can make this change by filling out a grade change form for Records and Registration.
  • Q: Who can enter grades for a course that is assigned to multiple faculty members?
    • A: At this time, when multiple faculty are assigned to a course, any one of the faculty members will be able to enter grades regardless of who is assigned as the primary instructor.
  • Q: What happens if a faculty's grades are not entered into EagleNET on time?
    • A:If grades are not entered by the close of grading, then a grade change form for each student in the course must be filled out and turned in to Records and Registration

If you have additional grading questions, please contact the Records and Registration office.