The easiest way to change your password is from InsideEWU, hover over My Account in the upper right and click Reset NetID password.

You may also change your password using the change password functionality of Windows, but you must be on the Eastern Washington University network, connected to the EASTERN Active Directory domain (i.e. a lab computer or a faculty/staff machine). To change your password this way, follow the instructions below:

You need to know the following:

  • EWU NetID (aka OneID, SSO ID, Single Sign On ID, EWU Username, etc.)
  • Current password.

Step 1. Open Windows Password Change window

  • Press and hold Control-Alt-Delete keys on keyboard.
  • Single click ‘Change a password’

Step 2. Change password

  • Enter current password in ‘Old Password’
  • Enter new password in ‘New Password’
  • Enter new password in ‘Confirm Password’
  • Press ‘Enter’ key to perform password change.

If your new password does not meet EWU’s Password Security Standards, a warning message will appear. You will need to repeat the step using another new password.